Google APIs Client Library for .NET


Recientemente, Google acaba de poner a disposición de todos los desarrolladores .NET  las Google APIs Client Library for .NET, más de 50 APIs a través de las cuales utilizar directamente sobre AdSense, Calendar, Google Drive, YouTube, etc. sin necesidad de utilizar las APIs para REST, HTTP y JSON como hasta ahora.

Otra ventaja, es que estas nuevas APIs están disponibles via Nuget Google APIs,  para instalar directamente desde Visual Studio y son de código abierto.


Listado de todas las APIs disponibles:

Ad Exchange Buyer API v1.3
Lets you manage your Ad Exchange Buyer account.
Ad Exchange Seller API v1.1
Gives Ad Exchange seller users access to their inventory and the ability to generate reports
Admin Reports API reports_v1
Allows the administrators of Google Apps customers to fetch reports about the usage, collaboration, security and risk for their users.
AdSense Host API v4.1
Limited AvailabilityGives AdSense Hosts access to report generation, ad code generation, and publisher management capabilities.
AdSense Management API v1.4
Gives AdSense publishers access to their inventory and the ability to generate reports
APIs Discovery Service v1
Lets you discover information about other Google APIs, such as what APIs are available, the resource and method details for each API.
BigQuery API v2
A data platform for customers to create, manage, share and query data.
Blogger API v3
Limited AvailabilityAPI for access to the data within Blogger.
Books API v1
Lets you search for books and manage your Google Books library.
Calendar API v3
Lets you manipulate events and other calendar data.
Cloud SQL Administration API v1beta3
API for Cloud SQL database instance management.
Cloud Storage API v1beta2
Lets you store and retrieve potentially-large, immutable data objects.
Compute Engine API v1
API for the Google Compute Engine service.
CustomSearch API v1
Lets you search over a website or collection of websites
DFA Reporting API v1.3
Lets you create, run and download reports.
DoubleClick Bid Manager API v1
Limited AvailabilityAPI for viewing and managing your reports in DoubleClick Bid Manager.
DoubleClick Search API v2
Report and modify your advertising data in DoubleClick Search (for example, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and conversions).
Drive API v2
The API to interact with Drive.
Enterprise Apps Reseller API v1
Limited AvailabilityLets you create and manage your customers and their subscriptions.
Enterprise Audit API v1
Lets you access user activities in your enterprise made through various applications.
Enterprise License Manager API v1
Licensing API to view and manage license for your domain.
Freebase Search v1
Find Freebase entities using textual queries and other constraints.
Fusion Tables API v1
API for working with Fusion Tables data.
Google Affiliate Network API v1beta1
Lets you have programmatic access to your Google Affiliate Network data.
Google Analytics API v3
View and manage your Google Analytics data
Google App State API v1
The Google App State API.
Google Civic Information API us_v1
An API for accessing civic information.
Google Cloud Datastore API v1beta2
API for accessing Google Cloud Datastore.
Google Cloud DNS API v1beta1
The Google Cloud DNS API provides services for configuring and serving authoritative DNS records.
Google Fonts Developer API v1
The Google Fonts Developer API.
Google Identity Toolkit API v3
Help the third party sites to implement federated login.
Google Maps Coordinate API v1
Lets you view and manage jobs in a Coordinate team.
Google Maps Engine API v1
The Google Maps Engine API allows developers to store and query geospatial vector and raster data.
Google OAuth2 API v2
Lets you access OAuth2 protocol related APIs.
Google Play Android Developer API v1.1
Lets Android application developers access their Google Play accounts.
Google Play Game Services API v1
The API for Google Play Game Services.
Google Play Game Services Management API v1management
The Management API for Google Play Game Services.
Google Site Verification API v1
Lets you programatically verify ownership of websites or domains with Google.
Google Spectrum Database API v1explorer
API for spectrum-management functions.
Google+ API v1
The Google+ API enables developers to build on top of the Google+ platform.
Google+ Domains API v1
The Google+ API enables developers to build on top of the Google+ platform.
Groups Settings API v1
Lets you manage permission levels and related settings of a group.
Orkut API v2
Lets you manage activities, comments and badges in Orkut. More stuff coming in time.
PageSpeed Insights API v1
Lets you analyze the performance of a web page and get tailored suggestions to make that page faster.
Prediction API v1.6
Lets you access a cloud hosted machine learning service that makes it easy to build smart apps
QPX Express API v1
Lets you find the least expensive flights between an origin and a destination.
TaskQueue API v1beta2
Lets you access a Google App Engine Pull Task Queue over REST.
Tasks API v1
Lets you manage your tasks and task lists.
Translate API v2
Lets you translate text from one language to another
URL Shortener API v1
Lets you create, inspect, and manage short URLs
YouTube Analytics API v1
Retrieve your YouTube Analytics reports.
YouTube Data API v3
Programmatic access to YouTube features.


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