MongoDB Atlas – Database as a Service


Atlas is MongoDB’s database as a service platform (DaaS) created by the experts who design and engineer MongoDB. It provides all of the features of MongoDB, while removing most of the operational overhead. With MongoDB Atlas you can deliver your applications quickly, and focus on what matters most to you and your customers.

MongoDB Atlas makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale your MongoDB deployments in the cloud. From high availability to scalability, security to disaster recovery – we’ve got you covered.



With MongoDB Atlas, you no longer need to worry about operational tasks such as provisioning, configuration, patching, upgrades, backups, and failure recovery. MongoDB Atlas provides the functionality and reliability you need, at the click of a button.


Only MongoDB Atlas combines the critical capabilities of relational databases with the innovations of NoSQL. Radically simplify development and operations by delivering a diverse range of capabilities in a single, managed database platform.


MongoDB Atlas provides multiple levels of security for your database. These include robust access control, network isolation using Amazon VPC, IP whitelists, encryption of data in-flight using TLS/SSL, and optional encryption of the underlying filesystem.


MongoDB Atlas grows with you, all with the click of a button. You can scale up across a range of instance sizes, and scale-out with automatic sharding. And you can do it with zero application downtime.

Highly Available

MongoDB Atlas is designed to offer exceptional uptime. Recovery from instance failures is transparent and fully automated. A minimum of three copies of your data are replicated across availability zones and continuously backed up.

High Performance

MongoDB Atlas provides high throughput and low latency for the most demanding workloads. Consistent, predictable performance eliminates the need for separate caching tiers, and delivers a far better price-performance ratio compared to traditional database software.

More Features

MongoDB Atlas gives you access to all of MongoDB’s core features of the database, including:

  • The latest feature set: MongoDB Atlas is built on MongoDB 3.2, Community Server, with automatic patching and single-click upgrades.

  • High performance: The MongoDB WiredTiger storage engine with compression and fine-grained concurrency control ensures that you can meet your most demanding SLAs.

  • Scalability: One-click, automated sharding for scale out, and zero-downtime scale up to larger instance types. You can provision TBs of database storage, all on high performance SSDs with dedicated I/O bandwidth.

  • Monitoring & alerts: Instant visibility into the database and hardware metrics that matter, so you stay ahead of any issues that could impact performance and user experience.

  • Strong security: Out-of-the-box protection of your most valuable data assets. Security features include TLS/SSL encryption, authentication, and authorization via SCRAM-SHA1; IP whitelists enforced with AWS Security Groups; optionally encrypted storage volumes; and the MongoDB Atlas console to manage database users.

  • Highly available: A minimum of three data nodes per replica set are automatically deployed across availability zones for continuous application uptime in the event of outages and routine maintenance.

  • Workload Isolation: With MongoDB Atlas maintaining up to seven replicas of your data, you can concurrently run operational and analytical workloads across the same database, without resource contention.

  • Disaster recovery: Fully managed backup service with continuous, consistent backups and point-in-time recovery, backed by custom retention policies.



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