Extended WPF Toolkit Community Edition Free

WPF Toolkit™ Community Edition


En el post anterior, estuvimos hablando del Xceed DataGrid for WPF, continuando con más controles Xceed incluidos en la versión  Extended WPF DataGrid Community Edition aqui os dejo una lista de todos los controles disponibles que podeis descargar gratis desde CodePlex.

Los requerimientos mínimos para usarlos en nuestras aplicaciones son Visual Studio 2010 y .NET Framework 4.0, yo los estoy utilizando con Visual Studio 2013 y .Net Framework 4.5 y me funcionan perfectamente.

Todos estos controles son Open Source bajo licencia Microsoft Public License:

A partir de aquí, si os gustan los controles,  podeis actualizaros a Extended WPF Toolkit Plus o bien a Xceed Business Suite for WPF



ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit 4.0

Desde la web de CodePlex, teneis disponible la descarga gratuita de estos controles para instalarlos dentro de nuestro Visual Studio 2008/2010 actualmente teneis 2 versiones disponibles  para Net Framework 3.5 y 4.0

The Ajax Control Toolkit contains a rich set of controls that you can use to build highly responsive and interactive Ajax-enabled Web applications. The Ajax Control Toolkit contains more than 40 controls, including the AutoComplete, CollapsiblePanel, ColorPicker, MaskedEdit, Calendar, Accordion, and Watermark controls. Using the Ajax Control Toolkit, you can build Ajax-enabled ASP.NET Web Forms applications by dragging-and-dropping Toolkit controls from the Visual Studio Toolbox onto a Web Forms page.

Instalación Ajax Control Toolkit 4.0

Para instalar Ajax Control Toolkit dentro de nuestro Visual Studio y saber usarlos en nuestros desarrollos aqui teneis los siguientes enlaces:

Tutoriales Ajax Control Toolkit 4.0

Aquí os dejo una lista de los controles Ajax, con ejemplos de uso extraidos de la web oficial:

fuente: http://www.asp.net/ajaxlibrary/act_tutorials.ashx

Telerik RadControls for Visual Studio 2010

Para finalizar con el tema de controles para desarrollo de aplicaciones con Visual Studio 2010.  Aqui teneis otro magnifico conjunto llamado Telerik RadControls, que actulamente los estan utilizando en empresas tan importantes como Vodafone, Reuters, Boeing, Kodak, NASA y la propia Microsoft.

Aqui teneis la lista de Telerik RadControls

Si quereis saber mas sobre Telerik RadControls, visitar este enlace.

Infragistics for Mobile Applications

Infragistics, tambien dispone de un serie de controles para dispositivos mobiles y aplicaciones financieras, llamada Mobile Applications – IGFinance, diseñada especialmente para dispositivos con Windows Mobile 7 Series, Silverlight and multi-touch technology.

Si quereis saber un poco mas sobre esto, aqui teneis el enlace: Infragistics  Mobile Applications – IGFinance.

Infragistics for Visual Studio 2010

Bueno, por si no teniamos suficientes suites de controles para nuestras aplicaciones en Visual Studio, aqui teneis otra mas, Infragistics for Visual Studio 2010, sin lugar a dudas, una de las más utilizadas actualmente en infinidad de proyectos.

What´s News in Infragistics

Como novedades mas importantes, aqui teneis una lista:

  • Clear UI Organization
  • Richer platform support
  • Improved editor
  • Better support for floating documents and windows
  • Enhanced document targeting
  • Modern operating system support, including Windows® 7 and Windows Azure™
  • Support for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0.

Y aqui una lista de enlaces para conocer todos sus productos (en ingles):

  • Videos – Watch streaming media webcasts and screencasts that describe and explain the ASP.NET, Windows Forms and other UI controls and components in Infragistics NetAdvantage family of products.
  • Podcasts – Subscribe to our Pixel8 RSS feed to get continuously updated and relevant podcasts about emerging technology that will affect your career today and in the future.
  • Accessibility – Section 508 – Learn what Section 508 compliance is, and how Infragistics ASP.NET, Windows Forms and WPF controls help make your application user interface more accessible.
  • Application Styling – Visual design and great user experiences go hand-in-hand — learn how to best to style your applications and create a compelling user experience.
  • AppStylist Tutorials – NetAdvantage AppStylist tutorials provide insider tips on creating Infragistics Style Libraries.
  • Fireworks to XAML Exporter – An extension of Adobe Fireworks that converts artwork to WPF XAML files.
  • Infragistics Alignment Manager – Learn how to effectively manage the layout of movie clips.
  • Product Roadmap and Release Schedule – Our 2010 roadmap gives you a good idea of what new controls and features we have planned for your future, across all platforms, as we release one feature-packed volume after another throughout the year.
  • Mobile App – IGFinance – Go mobile with killer apps for Windows Phone® 7 Series more easily by taking a look at this stock portfolio management app built with our re-engineered, touch-enabled Silverlight user interface controls.
  • NetAdvantage WPF CTP for Microsoft Surface™ – Create user interfaces that are more instinctive, engaging and efficient than ever with this CTP release of our NetAdvantage® WPF controls for the Microsoft Surface software and multitouch computing platform. This CTP features a “Go-Live” license, 5 hot controls with limited contact and manipulation support, and sample code that embraces the Microsoft Surface technology.
  • Quince Discover, use and understand UX patterns that deliver superior user experiences today with the help of Infragistics tools like Quince™, the most interactive UX patterns & practices catalog available online!
  • Silverlight CTP – Get amazing Silverlight CTP controls including the highly anticipated Pivot Grid for NetAdvantage for Silverlight Data Visualization.
  • Performance Whitepapers – Read whitepapers explaining how we achieve such superior performance on the Web with the WebDataGrid™ data grid control for ASP.NET AJAX and the xamWebGrid™ data grid control for Silverlight. Get the best practices and proven results for the most responsive user experience.
  • Charting & Gauges – Infragistics offers charting controls for data visualization applications on countless platforms including WPF, ASP.NET, and Windows Forms. The addition of gauge controls for ASP.NET and Windows Forms enable developers to create business scorecards and information dashboards.
  • SharePoint – Support for building Windows SharePoint Services 3.0-based applications for Microsoft’s SharePoint Products and Technologies are a first class feature of the Infragistics NetAdvantage ASP.NET controls and the guidance provided by projects such as Pomegranate are a considerable aid to Web developers targeting this platform.
  • Visual Studio 2010 – All NetAdvantage .NET controls have been built with Visual Studio 2010 IDE support and compatibility in mind. Find out how these controls take maximum advantage of the newest features in this popular development tool.
  • Office 2007 Look & Feel – Infragistics .NET controls assure your application of always reflecting the most modern user interface look and feel, such as that provided by Office® 2007. With controls like the ribbon and style sets simulating countless appearances, you can refresh your application UI at any time with the latest features.

Información y Descargas

Infragistics Products Family

Infragistics Online Documentation

Infragistics Videos and Demos

DevExpress Suite for Visual Studio 2010

Seguramente muchos de vosotros ya los conoceis,  porque además, han ganado varios premios con su suite de controles en los ultimos años, como ya sabreis, estamos hablando de DevExpress Suite Controls, que tambien ha actualizado toda la suite para Visual Studio 2010.

What’s New in DXperience v2010

Aqui teneis la lista de novedades publicado en su web:

  • Full Support for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework Client Profile
  • NEW WPF Ribbon Control
  • NEW Chart Types for WPF, WinForms and ASP.NET Charting Controls
  • NEW Report Viewers for WPF and Silverlight
  • Office 2010 Skin and Ribbon Style for WinForms
  • ASP.NET MVC Extensions – including GridView, Menu, Tab Control and NavBar
  • Filter Builder and Expression Editor for WPF and Silverlight
  • NEW ASP.NET Captcha and Validation Summary Controls
  • and so much more

y aqui la lista de productos y tecnologias Net disponibles:

Información y descargas

Downloads page

Demos y Ejemplos Online

Lista de premios obtenidos

ComponentArt for Visual Studio 2010

Aqui teneis otra fantastica suite de controles para vuestras aplicaciones con Visual Studio 2010, llamados ComponentArt for Visual Studio 2010, actualmente tiene 5 paquetes de controles que son:

  • Web.UI for ASP.NET AJAX
  • Web.UI for ASP.NET MVC
  • Web.UI for Silverlight
  • Win.UI for WPF
  • SOA.UI for .NET

Como novedades mas importantes aqui teneis este enlace: What’s New at ComponentArt.

Online Demos de Web.UI for ASP.NET AJAX

Online Demos de Web.UI for ASP.NET MVC

Online Demos de Web.UI for Silverlight

Online Demos de Win.UI for WPF

1 Rapid Development

Reduce the amount of presentation layer code by up to 30%.

2 Server-side Code Reuse

Target ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight, WPF or Mobile front ends with the same code.

3 Top Performance

Get the best UI performance by directly binding with web services.

4 Cloud-Friendly Architecture

Gain the ability to deploy into the “Azure” cloud environment.

Por ultimo, aqui teneis la pagina con toda la documentación online.