VideoCurso Gratis ASP.NET WebForms

Para todos aquellos interesados en la programación ASP.NET WebForms,  en la web oficial de ASP.Net, encontrareis un curso super-completo, eso si, en ingles, pero se entiende facilmente y cada video tiene una duración aproximada entre 10 y 30 minutos, para poder ver los videos es necesario tener instalado el pluging de Silverligth en vuestro navegador.

Como vereis, hay cientos de videos sobre temas de ASP.NET para todos los gustos, pero sobretodo no podeis perderos la parte de videos “How Do I?“, seguro que hay algo que os servirá para vuestras aplicaciones web.

El temario principal de los cursos lo teneis aquí:

Fundamentals of ASP.NET WebForms
ASP.NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010
ASP.NET Data Access, LINQ, SQL Server 2005
ASP.NET AJAX & AJAX Control Toolkit Tutorial
ASP.NET Website Security Tutorials
ASP.NET Deploying and Running Websites

En la parte de videos “How Do I?” encontrareis todos estos:
Learn the Tips and Tricks of Experts
Create a Multi-Lingual Site with Localization
Make Use of Caching
Make Greater use of Caching
Utilize Web Parts and Personalization
Customize My Site with Profiles and Themes
Secure my Site using Membership and Roles
Create a “Contact Us” Page
Create a Full-Featured Customer Login Portal
Use Master Pages and Site Navigation
Create Data-Driven Web Sites
Implement an HttpModule
Set Up the SQL Membership Provider
Implement URL Rewriting
Utilize the CSS Friendly Control Adapters
Handle Application Events using an HttpModule
Use Cascading Style Sheets for Web Page Layout
Create a Custom Membership Provider
Create a Custom Profile Provider
Implement Site Navigation in ASP.NET
Use Validation Controls in ASP.NET
Create a Custom User Control in ASP.NET
Implement Health Monitoring for an ASP.NET Application
Implement Tracing in an ASP.NET Web Site
Event Handlers in ASP.NET Web Pages and Controls
Implement a Custom Health Monitoring Event
Use Control State to Persist Information
Read, Write, and Delete Cookies in ASP.NET
Save & Load View State for a Custom Server Control
Create and Use Application Level Events in ASP.NET
Simple File Uploads in ASP.NET
Multiple File Uploads in ASP.NET
File Uploads with an AJAX Style Interface
Work with Master Pages Declaratively and Programmatically
Handle Events in Master and Content Pages
Use the ObjectDataSource
Create User Selectable Themes for a Web Site
Share Data Between Client & Server Code Using a Hidden Field
Add JavaScript to An ASP.NET Page
Add JavaScript Event Handlers to ASP.NET Server Controls
Create and Call a Simple Web Service in ASP.NET
Deploy a Web Site Using the Copy Web Site Tool
Create & Use a Custom Config Section
Configure an ASP.NET Web Site for a .NET Framework Version
Use the ASP.NET IIS Registration Tool to Configure ASP.NET
Extend & Customize a Server Control
Create Groups with the ListView Control for Different Data
Make HTML Elements Accessible from Server Side Code
Use Roles to Segment Functionality
Create Standard Content Layouts with Nested Master Pages
Detect Browser Capabilities in ASP.NET Web Pages
Map a Server Control to the Adaptor Used to Render It
Pass Info From One Page to Another Using a Query String
Use aspnet_merge.exe to Merge Assemblies
Implement a Cross Page PostBack in ASP.NET
Add Controls to an ASP.NET Web Page Programmatically
Use a Hidden Field to Store & Manipulate Client-Side Info
Using Fixednames with the Compiler Utility
Implement Command Buttons for Individual Items
Use Skins with CSS for Flexibility and Maintainability
Use a Web Site or a Web Application Project?
Write Web Events to a Database Using the SqlWebEventProvider
Use ASP.NET to Send Email from a Web Site
Configure Email Notification for Health Monitoring
Use a Visual Studio 2008 Web Deployment Project
Send Templated Emails for Health Monitoring Events
Send Email Asynchronously with ASP.NET
Embed an Image in an Email with ASP.NET
Implement Error Handling when Sending Email
Create a Provider for Logging Health Monitoring Events
Create a Component for Sending Email to a Distribution List
Precompile an ASP.NET Website
Create a FTP Connection to a FTP Server
Export Data to a Comma Delimited (CSV) File
Use Response.Filter to Replace HTML
Use OutputCache to Cache an ASP.NET Page
Cache Portions of an ASP.NET Page
Control the Page Caching Based Upon Custom Information
Cache a Page Based Upon Information in the HTTP Header
Synchronize Data in User Controls Based On User Selections
Use the ASP.NET Cache Object to Cache App Info
Persist the State of a User Control During a Postback
Add Client Script Event Handlers Controls on a Page
Understand and Defend Against Script Injection Attacks
ASP.NET Data Access Technologies, an Introduction to LINQ
Create and Use Classes in JavaScript
Create an Approach for Implementing CSS Styles
Podeis ver esto videos cursos al final de la página:



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